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We have the passion and knowledge to develop and produce new functional food products based on organic and natural superfoods that our mind and health needs,keeping the harmonic traditions we have received from our ancestors, who cultivated the inter-Andean valleys to obtain foods revered in their time and today recognized worldwide for their functional attributes for the improvement and maintenance of our health.

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Peru is a mega diverse country, with 84 from the 104 recognized living zones in the world and it has a rich biological diversity and genetic resources.

From our coast line next to the Pacific ocean to our Amazonian rainforest passing through our Andes mountains, you will find an immese variety of crops that not only shine for their outstanding nutritional value but also for its flavor, no wonder why Peru is considered the culinary capital of Latin America.

Criollo cacao, Maca, Quinoa, Camu Camu, Goldenberries, Gigant White Corn, Yacon, Purple corn, Lucuma, Ginger, Turmeric, Mesquite Tree, Coffee and so on, are some of the products you can find in this ancient lands and Healthy Superfoods SAC is ready to provide the support and knowledge required for our customers to be fully satisfied. 

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Healthy Superfoods is commited to develop and support green and sustainable crops  with respect for our planet , our ancient cultures and our customers.

We know that challenges are big but our drive is even bigger. 


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