what healthy superfoods does

team work and collaboration 


With a combined total of more than 40 years of experience, our highly experienced team members possess extensive knowledge of the processes involved in the production of organic and natural Peruvian superfoods  which includes: quality assurance, R&D, supply management, logistics, manufacturing and commercial operations. Our healthy products innovation process is based on research, bio-trade and circular economy guidelines in order to improve the well-being of everyone in the supply chain and our customers.

Our mission

Deliver well-being through innovative products through research, development
and study of the diversity of organic and natural superfoods of our national geography
and international, working under the rules of bio trade.

Our vision


Position our company and its brands within the minds of our target clients,
as that company that produces and markets specialized foods that provide
protection and wellness to health.


constant training and direct participation 


Healthy Superfoods currently participates directly and indirectly in the production chain of our Criollo cacao in the area of ​​Valle del Rio Apurímac and Mantaro (VRAEM). Our specialists provide guidance and improve our producer's techniques in order to help them obtain a more sustainable and healthier product. 

corporate social responsability  

We are motivated by the desire of generating development clusters within our communities noy just by giving out monetary incentives but also by organizing local growers into productive supply chains that can be sustained in the long term. We work with producers of the Satipo region and together with the important help from our clients, we support social projects that we carry out hand in hand with the local community.