Our line of organic and natural products offers a wide variety of ingredients and functional and healthy foods such as our perfect blends, Creole cacao paste and powder, lucuma powder, purple corn powder, maca powder, turmeric powder, among others. as well as our functional jams of lucuma, soursop, strawberry, blueberry and aguaymanto, all of them without added sugar.

Instant mixes "perfect blend"


Our delicious instant nutritional mixes with organic ingredients have been designed and produced keeping in mind the specific nutritional needs of our customers:

For Her, Perfect Blend Woman

For Him, Perfect Blend Man

To activate our inmunologic system, Perfect Blend Defense

To enjoy with the whole family, Perfect Blend Cacao Family

To prevent prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radical, Perfect Blend Antioxidant.

To strenght your inmunologic system, Prefect Blend Defense

delicious natural sweeteners

Our line of natural sweeteners offers our Bioessence organic yacon and agave syrup. Yacon syrup, due to its reduced caloric contribution to the human body, is recommended for people who want to lose weight and for people with overweight and obesity problems. Its high content of FOS stimulates the proliferation of Bifidobacteria, a group of beneficial bacteria in the colon that have been associated with various physiological processes that result in better body health. Agave syrup is an excellent sweetener for any beverage, dessert, or meal. It does not crystallize and dissolves easily at high or low temperatures. It contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and immune-enhancing properties.

natural and healthy jams


Our natural jams are made with natural fruits and our organic sweeteners, no added sugar, no preservatives and full of antioxidants. Try our delicious jams:

Aguaymanto (Goldenberries)





criollo cacao 


Our line of Bioessence criollo cacao powder and paste (liquor) is made from organic amazonian cacao beans ethically produced by small farmers who have partnered with us in order to bring you high quality criollo cacao products.

100% Criollo cacao powder

100% Criollo cacao paste

>>> More information about our criollo cacao

Nutritious superfoods


From our world-renowned quinoa, in its different varieties, to our fortifying maca, we have a wide range of certified organic products, with which you can obtain a quality diet and the well-being you are looking for. We carry lucuma powder, panela, purple corn powder, gelatinized maca powder, white, red and black quinoa grains as well as gelatinized powder.