Terms and conditions of use of our virtual store

The data security and privacy policy of our virtual store may use the information that may be collected about the user through the website.

- Data Protection.

Healthy Superfoods sac handles user information with the highest possible levels of protection in an automated data processing system. User information is incorporated into databases and files owned by the institution and are only accessed by computer administrators in order to ensure the functioning of computer systems.

User information is stored on the servers of Healthy Superfoods sac and is kept in the safest environment possible, with all kinds of physical and technological security measures and is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

- Security of the information.

Healthy Superfoods sac has used all the systems and technical measures at its disposal to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data provided by the user.

However, the user must be aware that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable.

- Collection and use of personal information.

When the user registers on the website, Healthy Superfoods sac may ask for certain personal information. Healthy Superfoods sac uses the data collected through the website to register the user in it and to send them the information or services that they request. Healthy Superfoods will process the User's Personal Information whenever this constitutes a requirement to provide a better service and always within the limits allowed by law. Healthy Superfoods sac assumes the commitment not to collect unnecessary information about the user.

- Transfer of personal information to third parties.

Healthy Superfoods sac does not sell, assign, or transmit in any way personal information of its users to third parties.

- Use of the user's email address.

Healthy Superfoods sac can send emails to the user once he provides his address and under the conditions expressly accepted by him. In order to protect the user's privacy, the user has absolute control over the reception of said emails.

- Changes in the security and data protection policy.

Healthy Superfoods sac reserves the right to modify its security and data protection policy in a discretionary manner, always in accordance with current legislation on data protection, with effect from the date of publication of said modification on the website of the company.

- If your order is rejected due to different circumstances (incorrect data entry, inability to communicate with the owner of the purchase, problems with your credit card: invalid card, expired, not enough balance, suspected fraud, among others, aspects all that are determined by the issuing bank and / or the card payment processor) or any other reason; Under no circumstances will it generate any responsibility for Healthy Superfoods sac.

If your order form is rejected, your issuing bank and / or the corresponding card payment processor must carry out the procedure so that the amount of the order is released and you can view it in your account; This procedure will have a response time defined by each financial institution.